The Aesthetic blogger Award

Okay so this is like the book nomination I guess. I am not quite sure I understand but I will try my best. Okay first of all thank you to Elicia for nominating me!So to the people I am nominating! All you do is come up with any five questions for the people you nominate and you will also answer the questions you came up with. You have to give the people who nominated you credit. You also need to show a creation you made. Well here is mine

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1 What is the funnest thing you have ever done? Ummm I think Rock climbing.

2 How many sibling do you have? I have 3 brothers

3 What is your favorite hobby? Drawing or painting I think.

4 If you could live anywhere in the world were would it be? Australia! I love it.

5 Who do you look up to most in the world? My mom!

Those were the five questions came up with So now I will answer the questions the person who nominated me made. Which is Elicia

1 What do I admire? Jesus and my best friend Miss Amy. Also my mom

2 What is my favorite form of creativity? drawing and scetching.

3 Would I rather sit on the couch and watch TV or go to the gym? I would go to the gym.

4 Would I paint my room bright purple? NOOO .🤢

5 Rock blues or hard Rock. I don’t know.

She only did 5. Okay so the people I nominated will come up with their own 5 questions and answer them and then write down my questions and answer them. Also if you get nominated then explain how to do this to them.






Also you can only nominate up to 7 people. okay well bye!!

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