A Birds Life

Mocking bird chapter two my story

Okay so as you all know I made a part one and if you didn’t read that then here is the link. https://creativeskate.wordpress.com/2021/05/28/a-birds-life-9/

Okay so the momma bird has been sitting on the nest for a while now and she is only supposed to sit on the eggs for 12 to 13 days. So I was getting worried. Finally I just got some new pics today and…

As you can see in the last picture they thought my camera was food!😂🤣

But I will leave momma bird to do that! Also just make sure you all know i did not get these off the internet! I used my own camera and this is a true story! I can’t wait to wright more about these precious little cuties later but for now I will let them grow some more! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed.

47 thoughts on “A Birds Life”

  1. I love baby birds!! They are so adorable!! ❤ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


      1. I actually found out by touching one of the eggs and then relizing it was a baby. I only touched it because it was raining and i wanted to make sure they weren’t cold.

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