This is for the open contest!

I used pencil to draw it and fill it in. I did use markers for the lips and eyes. She is under water so that is why her hair looks like that.

29 thoughts on “Mermaid”

      1. I’m not so sure about that! I’m not very good at drawing things like that… I like your style of drawing though! ❤ I'll see, when is the closing date?

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      2. Well, I’ll see. But, just so you know, I won’t be able to enter every contest… 😉😊 I might enter a butterfly. 😁


      3. It’s the blue Morpho on my art page. My sister edited the picture and put a filter without knowing I didn’t want the pic to have one on it! But I promise it looks exactly like it does in real life, I compared! Is it still okay to enter it?


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