Winner and Due date

There is only three days left until the Art contest is over so please hurry! You all have till June 12. I look forward to more pictures soon! The winner of the quiz was Elicia! So congrats you win the advantage. Now the two advantages you can pick from are one is that you can pick one of the rules I made and break it. Or you can pick the theme for next time. Here are the rules so if you pick the rule advantage you know which ones you can pick from. once you decide then let me know in the comments Elicia.

No tracing

No computer drawing

No being mean

You must follow the theme

You have to give it too me before the due date

No taking pictures that aren’t yours and using them as yours

No taking pictures off of google

That is all bye bye!!

38 thoughts on “Winner and Due date”

      1. Well, the thing is, my Mom and I decided that I won’t enter any more contests after this… Soo, can I give the advantage to somebody else? I wouldn’t mind choosing the theme and seeing the pictures that everyone else draws though…


      1. cool..ill draw something right now…how do i send it to you though?


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