Open contest Voting

GodzillaGirls 👆🏻
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Creative Skates 👆🏻
Elicias 👆🏻
Mias 👆🏻
Sarahs .👆🏻

So Elicia will not be able to use her advantage. There are two people who can win it. Someone named Sarah and Merlyn. Now It is super hard for me to choose so I will do this. Which ever one comments on here first wins! so hurry! Oh and I just figured out! do not vote for life is cool. She took her pic from the internet. I am disqualifying her and anyone who votes for her does not count. Oh and I know that you are good at these things corrie so here is her site. I want you to check her out and tell me if she is a fake. I mean you to check her out corrie. Okay lets do this! bye

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