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This history lesson is about Polycarp! He was a church father and here is his story. He was arrested for loving Christ and following him. People came to arrest him and they were taking him to an arena to be judged. As they were taking him their he heard a voice from Heaven saying Be strong Polycarp! and play that man. When they got there the consul asked him if he truly was Polycarp and he said yes. Then consul then said to him.”Swear in the name of Cesar that you will not follow your God anymore. Then Polycarp said “For 86 years I have followed my God and he has been good to me”. “How can I blaspheme my King and Savior.

So then the consul tried again. This time saying ” I have wild animals here,I will throw you to them if you do not deny him”. Polycarp Replied “Call them over, It is unthinkable to deny my God and turn from what is good and go into evil”. Consul said if you despise the animals I will have you burned. Polycarp said “you threaten me with fire which burns for an hour and is the put out, But you have no Idea the pain and suffering for eternal fire that you will face. Bring on whatever you want! I am ready to meet my father in heaven.

The crowd watching him cheered! They were ready for him to die. They gathered wood for the fire and piled it all up. Then Polycarp came He took of his outer clothes and his belt and sandals. Something he was not used to doing because the faithful people usually did it for him. Each of the people wanted to touch his skin. When they got ready to nail him he said no it will help me endure it more. I don’t need the help of your nails. So they simply tied him the the big wooden stick in the middle. He then looked up into heaven and said O God my father in heaven who sent his son to die on the cross for my sins! You have power over everything and all that are Righteousness and follow you will be with you in heaven. I know your Holy name to be true so be with me now as you have been before AMEN!

The fire burst into flames! All those who were there witnessed it. The fire arched and all they could see was not a burnt flesh but a glowing body and they smelt a sweet smell like spice. He was okay! But eventually those evil wicked men saw his body could not be consumed by the fire that they commanded an executioner the pierce him with a dagger and when they did such a great amount of blood flowed that the fire was extinguished! Every one was amazed suddenly knowing That Polycarp was right. Then they all realized that God was the holy one! They fell on their knees and praised him!

Many years after that they celebrated Polycarp and his brave doings on the Lord. I think this is such and inspirational story and we can all learn from it!

16 thoughts on “Polycarp”

  1. “As they were taking him their he heard a voice from Heaven saying Be strong Polycarp!” it should be “There” not “Their” I think…. “Then consul then said to him. ”Swear in the name of Cesaer that you will not fallow your God anymore.” Follow doesn’t have an “a” in it. “Savior” is “io” not “oi”. Hope this helps! ❀
    Amazing story!! Sad but…. I can't really think of a word for it…. Awesome maybe? I don't know! Thanks for telling this story! 😍😍

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    1. And there shouldn’t be two “then”s in this part: “Then consul then said to him.”
      I hope this didn’t offend you? I’m just trying to help…


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