Collab-With Maggie

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Hi today I am going to do a collab with my friend Maggie!

This is her site above and if you go there you will find all sorts of fun stuff! So please remember to check her out. The collab is going to be a Bucket list Collab and to those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a list a goals or things you want to do. So I hope you all enjoy. Okay first in my bucket list..

1: I would like to go out in the evening and catch fireflies! I did it once and it was super fun so it has always been my dream to do it again.

2: Enter a Livestock contest with one of my animals. We are going to get some soon when we move to Texas and I would love to enter them in a livestock contest to win ribbons.

3: Go scuba diving! I know it sounds weird but yes I have never gone scuba diving and I hear the it is super fun, so I hope to do it one day.

4: Hold a snake. I have always wanted to hold a snake!

5: To become a great artist!

6: I want to visit my favorite country Australia! I think Australia is great and I love their accents.

7: To sit in a beautiful creek and just enjoy the feel of the water.

8: I would like to try carving wood one day. I am super creative so I think it would be something fun to try.

9: I want to become a professional horse rider because I love horses!

10: I want to be able to do another Collab one day because this one was so fun!!

Okay everyone bye till next time.

16 thoughts on “Collab-With Maggie”

  1. This collab was sooo fun Sawyer! A lot of the things on your bucket list are things I want to do too! šŸ˜„ It would be so cool to visit Australia, I love horseback riding, and yeahhh it’s a lot of fun to catch fireflies!

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