My Top Posts!

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Today I will be talking about my top post and I hope you all like it. So my top post that has the most likes!

My beach contest voting! the link is above. I am not quite sure why this got the most likes but the most likes it got was 19. Okay my top post for the most recent views.

it was

Yep it was my first Art contest post with 85 views! Well that is a bunch! 😁

Okay now my top post with the most comments isssss…….

My remeinder post! with 54 comments. But really my top anthing with post and pages is my about page with 21 likes1 Well thanks for reading! bye

2 thoughts on “My Top Posts!”

  1. Suggestion – Use “hyperlink” instead of the whole URL. It’s just uhh not a good practice and a bit unattractive within your blog. You can find that option in the block editor. If you don’t then google
    “Link generator” & you’ll be good to go.


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