Please Pray

My little brother who is 4 years old was out riding his bike today. All the sudden I heard a crash. he ran inside crying but I didn’t know why. I knew my mom had it handled. She then called me inside to ask what happened. I said I wasn’t paying attention and he ran in crying. My other brother who is five said he saw the other brother who is the twin to the on who got hit that they ran into each other. I saw my little brother on the laying down crying with an ice pack on his head. Mom showed me a picture of what it looked like! I couldn’t bear it. His head was swollen and bruised and a little blood was seeping out. he had fallen on the cement road. So all I ask is that all of you will pray for my little brother, his name is Korbyn. I am hoping he will do fine. Thank you.

32 thoughts on “Please Pray”

  1. I know a little boy that did something kinda similar this winter. He was sledding down a hill and hit a big electrical box. Got a big cut all the way from his eyebrow to his hairline. He is looking better now. just a little pink scar. Ironically the boy’s name was Sawyer and he has two brothers that are twins, and an older sister.

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