The Fall of the Roman Empire

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History lesson 136 write a one to two page paragraph about the fall of the Roman empire. Rome was a kingdom were the empire an republic lived together and they stayd like that for 1,200 yrs. There was not but one reason to the fall of the empire but a series of reasons that would soon decline Rome. The empire had grown so much that it was to large to just Govern anymore. The Romans tried to solve this by dividing the empire. Which the Romans no longer wanted to fight in the Army anymore so they solved this by hiring Barbarians to fight for them. Civil wars broke out between different places of the empire. The rich were tired of helping Rome because they were to greedy and wanted to take care of their families. The population of Rome soon shrank and trade between countries decreased while taxes increased. The Romans were aware of these problems and often when a good governor would come they would work on the problems. But soon in time that good governor would be gone and an evil one will take his place.

Rome was still declining due to the large empire and soon it fell in 476 AD. Soon Roman peaked it’s power in 117 AD under the Rule of the emperor Trajan. Soon the empire grew into Spain, Italy, France, southern Britain, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Northern Africa. This was great for Rome because now they had even greater resources for food. But it then happened again. The fall of Rome did not all happen in one day but over a long period of time. Which there are a number a reasons why it began to fall. Here are some.

Politicians and Rulers became more and more curropt in fighting and Civil wars.

Attacks by barbarian tribes such as the Visigoths, hungs, franks, and vandals became more frequent.

The army was no longer strong and the empire was growing to big.

In 285 AD a Roman governor decided that the empire was getting to big to manage so he divided it into two parts, the Eastern Roman Empire and the western Roman Empire. soon over the time of 100 years they were split into 3 parts and then back into 2. The whole thing about the fall of Rome will be talking about the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The eastern stayed in Power for 1,000 years. The western was thought to be unconquerable However in 410 AD a barbarian army known as the Visigoths invaded the city and they stole goods and killed slaves. they also destroyed many buildings. This was the first time in 800 this happened.

Soon they overcame the empire and took over. That was the fall of Rome. Okay everyone I hope you liked this story. I think it is very close to what is happening to us today in America so lets stand strong for our God, Lord, And savior. Bye.

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