A Birds Life

Hey everyone! I know that I haven’t posted a birds life in a while, since I was talking about my mocking bird. But today I decided to dedicate this post to the gorgeous birds Of Australia.

This is called a rainbow lorikeet. I painted one by trying to copy a pic I found on google. It looks so pretty. To see the full body you can just look it up.

This is another Beautiful Australian bird. It is called a Gouldian finch. It is so pretty. Now for the birds That are not drawn.

This is the Australian King parrot.They are so pretty and great pets.

These are called red tailed black cockatoos. They look like galaxy’s. I wish I could have one as a pet🤗

These are Kookabarras! SOOOO adorable.😍But dont be fooled by there cute appearance. Like bluejays they are cute but they eat baby birds,snakes, lizards and more. Still I love them.

This Regent Bowerbird is very stunning in color and very unique.

This is an Eastern Rosella bird and they are gorgeous! Truly amazing.

The Australian Hoopoe bird! I love these birds and how cool they look. Well I hope you have enjoyed. There are still so many amazing birds in Good old Aussie so I may do this again. Bye for now!

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