Everyone Please Help

I have wanted to do my own blogger Award since i first figured out what they were. But my problem is I dont know how! So I was hoping all my followers and other people would help me. I am going to put a list of questions in this post and Whoever wants to help must try to answer as many as they can. I have a notepad so I will write down everything you guys say. Okay thanks.

  • 1 What should I call it? For example I did a sunshine blogger award and it had nothing to do with the sun or sunshine, so Do I just call it anything I want.
  • 2 Once I start the award how do I find everyone who did the award to say who won?
  • Do I come up with my own rules and How many people you have to nominate and how many questions you have to make and answer?
  • Can someone be nominated twice?

I think that is all for my questions but I will let you know if I have more. I will try to send this post to all of my followers. Bye thanks for reading.😊

Published by Sawyer

Hi my name is Sawyer and this site will be for my essays and for selling some stuff that I make. I have three little Brothers and currently live in a tight RV. I am 12 and Love crafts and art! I am a Christian an Believe Christ my Lord died on the cross for my sins. I Have dedicated my life to the Lord. He has blessed me with a great talent! ART. I hope you will all enjoy my site! bye

49 thoughts on “Everyone Please Help

  1. 1. It doesn’t matter if your award technically has nothing to do with sunshine. That’s just the name of the award so you should title your post “Sunshine Blogger Award.”

    2. No one wins. Blog awards are not competitions. They have no winners. Think of them as chain mail…People get nominated then they nominate a bunch of other people who then nominate more people and it is just one huge cycle with no end and no winner.

    3. Do don’t come up with your own rules. Follow the rules of the award. Usually, blogger awards will have a set of rules you can copy and paste from whoever nominated you. If you read them, they will tell you how many people you should nominate but it’s okay if you don’t do it exactly the same…Just have fun with it!

    4. Someone can defiantly be nominated for the same blog award twice. But not in the same post.

    (I hope WordPress doesn’t squash this comment because I have it numbered and arranged so nicely, hehe)
    I hope that helps! 🤎

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  2. I think Jasmine just about said it all there. The main point of blog awards is just to have fun and also some people you nominate may do bogger awards and some may not. You could just ask them if they want to do it and if not, that’s fine. Oh, and if you want a place to design the award’s picture/graphic, check out Canva.com: https://www.canva.com/.

    Hope that helps!

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      1. Oh okay. I guess you’ll need an account with Canva to use it. I suppose you can’t design anything on there without one? Canva should keep email and other login stuff private…

        I guess it’s up to you if you want to put the email in and create an account or not!

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  3. I would call it the “Arty Award” for people who do art on their blog. You probably could come up with a rule to showcase one piece of art or something. Also, it’s fine if they are nominated multiple times for different awards!


  4. Okay so…
    It is not a competition and you nominate people who you think are worthy of the award. And, you would make a post of your own sharing some questions for the people you are nominating. You comment on their blogs letting them know that they are nominated.
    Also, you can keep it a name you like as you would be the creator but it should be relevant to the type of blogs you are nominating. And as you are the creator, I think you can make your own rules. I hope his helps. Let me know if you have any doubt!


  5. 1. You can call it whatever you want, but it’ll be best if it’s related to the theme/purpose/whatever the award’s about.
    2. There’s typically no winner, but if you want to see every post with the award, you can make a rule that they have to link back to your post, so you get a notification when they do.
    3. Yes you make your own rules.
    I hope this helps!

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  6. U can just make a post saying you are making a award and then you can write your own rules and come up with your own questions. I like the arty award name!
    And to say if someone won you can makesure the people link your blog before doing the award then keep a list of the people who do the award and in six months or something you randomly pick a winner and just make a post with a digital certificate or some prize like a guest post or spotlight or somethin like that.


  7. This sounds fun Sawyer!! Creating a new tag or award is always super cool 💕
    Awards/tags either have themed questions or random questions. It’s totally up to you! I recently created ‘the cookie lover award,’ which is a themed award with cookie questions. I also created an award in the past called the ‘Awesome Blogger Award’ which had a message (“This award is for all of the awesome bloggers around the blogosphere!”) and then random questions.
    Usually with awards it starts with the creator, who tags people for it (and includes an open nomination if they’d like), then it travels around the blogosphere. If you want to keep up with everyone who gets nominated, you can include a tag for people to use in the award (if I did that for my cookie award, I might include in the rules ‘tag your post under the #cookieloveraward in the Reader!’), which would make it easy to see who’s gotten the award. But you only have to keep up with all nominees if you want to!
    The details are up to you! I usually try to make an award/tag as easy as possible (answer 5-10 questions, tag at least 3 people, that kind of thing) so that the award doesn’t take forever to do. If an award had 25 questions to answer and you had to nominate 30 bloggers, that would take forever and very few people would want to do it. So think about simplicity!
    Yeah someone can be nominated twice! Especially with tags they go around the blogosphere more than once, and since the questions usually change then someone can write about it twice.
    Hope this helps and this is a super long comment! 😂

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      1. 9th and 10th were a lot of fun! I took British literature, art, Bible, and chemistry those years and I loved those subjects 😄 what’s your favorite grade so far?


  8. Haha I don’t think I have anything to add! I apologise for being so late in replying – I was on a hiatus. Looking forward to the award you’re planning on making!


  9. Oh my! Reading back I didn’t realize that you are planning CREATING your own award! That’s super cool! I think everyone else put in what I didn’t (information wise) so hopefully you have a better understanding of awards now! 🤎

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