My History

Hey everyone! This is the last week of my history and I have to write about how I liked history and what were my favorite things about it. Well this was my first year of Ron Paul. I had gone through a series of different home school courses and They were always super hard for me, so I was behind. Me and my mom were both getting frustrated. I wanted to learn but it just wasn’t fun for me. My mom told me she was going to try one more course and I was more sure then ever that it was going to be just like the other ones.

The first few lessons I didn’t really do anything with. They seemed boring to me. Then I got my own blog and soon the lessons got more fun! I was surprised but I knew it couldn’t last. But I was wrong. History for me is great! I love how in History that If you don’t listen to the video my teacher puts the whole lesson in one chapter below in words so I can just read those. Since I started RPC History and English have been my favorites.

History has been a great thing for me! I have been learning so much. Like about Mesopotamia or the church fathers. The fall of Rome too. I also like that my teacher tries to help me learn and make it fun at the same time. He has been an awesome teacher and I look forward to his 7th grade teaching.

I will also will be learning some awesome things in The 7th grade History. Like Learning about Europe after the fall of Rome and eventually How America started! I look forward to it! I do want to say thank you To my Teacher Mr Bradley Fish. Thank you for teaching me things I never knew before and helping me to actually develop a love for History. But also a stronger deeper love for Christ. that is one of my Favorite things about RPC. They talk about Christ and how he created the Earth. So I guess you could say that RPC is the best schooling curriculum I have ever had. And I hope to stay in it until the end! Bye for now!

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      1. Yeah I did enjoy it A LOT so far. I’m not finished but it is from the fall of Pagan Rome to Battle of Jumonville Glen. (1754)

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  1. I would suggest, picking a time in history (Of course, I would select the Revolutionary War, but that’s me, for I truly wish to understand our foundation.), but also would suggest reading two books that might engage and lead in a good direction (1) Natan Shiransky’s “Fear No Evil,” and Adrei Sakharov’s Memoires). In both, you would learn about the Soviet Union’s system, by those who lived and endured, with family there, but also the relationship with America and how they looked at us. These are honest men with honest friends. It’s a bit of a read, but worth the time.


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