The Flower Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I am going to make my own blogger Award. So here are the rules. 1 Thank the blogger who nominated you and put their link in the post2 Answer the7 questions that your nominator gave you3 Then Make up your own 7 questions4 You are not required to answer the questions you make… Continue reading The Flower Blogger Award

I’m hosting a contest!

please enter!

M!a's Curious Thoughts


I’m going to host a contest! It will be a Photo contest! Here are the rules:

  • You must take the photos yourself
  • They have to be on the subject
  • No adding digital things or editing

This subject will be on plants!

Here are the amount of points you will get:

  • You get extra points (5) for fruit-bearing trees
  • You get extra points (8) for a good background
  • You get extra points (8) for good lighting
  • You get extra points (10) if the plant you are taking a picture of has red or pink on it
  • You get extra points (5) if you have an extra or more plant(s) in the picture
  • You get extra points (3) if it is centered

So, who would like to join? Please join, and re-blog.

P.S. The featured image is a Pexel Free Photo

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