Changes and Growing up

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to read this special post. My time here on wordpress has been a variety of things. I have learned so much over these months. But it is time to go way back into my childhood. When I first got saved at 7 yrs old I didn’t take it as such a big thing. Over the time as I was then 9 I started learning more about Christ but it still didn’t seem like anything to me. Then at 10 my mom sent me to a christian camp. It was amazing. It made me want to learn more about my Lord!

Soon after that I was starting 6th grade in RPC and I needed a blog. One thing I have learned here is that some people will claim to be Christian but they never act like it. Some of them I had to unfollow. But I am not going to point fingers. I guess the point is now that I am 12 I have changed and grew in Christ so much more and I have decided to not only Change the name of my site but to turn it into a place were I dig for the truth about things.

I have also changed my About Page if you want to check it out. The good Lord has been so great to me so I hope you all will enjoy these new changes! bye

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