Hello! This is going to be an example of what all the truth posts will be about. Today I am digging deeper into the Bible. This might get long so I suggest taking some time to read it. I am going to pin point different factors about the Bible. I will also be talking about which is the true Bible. If you are a follower of mine then you might have read my Post Bibles, Churches, and Religions. If you have not the here is the link.

So fist of all I want to define the word Christian. If you have a dictionary than you will be able to see it. A Christian is someone who follows Christ or has been saved. Now explain this to me why there has do be so many denominations (types of Christianity) When we could all just be plain Christian! Why do people have to try and divide us.

If you are baptist or go to a baptist Church then you probably believe that King James Bible is the only true bible. Well that is in fact not true. Well most of you may be like well Sawyer aren’t you baptist? I do want to explain again that even though I go to a Baptist Church I am not baptist, Just Christian. There truly is no Bible out there that is the one and only true Bible. Back then when they were writing King James they were in a race so a lot of things got added to it.

I know you guys probably are just wanting to know what The real true Bible is, Well there truly is no true bible. But however there are bibles that a more accurate then others. But I believe that what ever Bible you have you can still be saved with that bible. Only if you truly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you do want to try and learn more I suggest reading different types of bibles.

I have had some debates with people about many subjects in Christ and I always try to lead them in the right path. But teaching people is not all I want to do. I want you all to discuss with me what you feel about this post. I want to gain answers and also I want to learn more. Please! Please! if you have any questions or want to say anything then let me know!Even if you are or are not christian. Bye

21 thoughts on “Bibles”

  1. It was good but here is a suggestion:
    In your sentence:
    Back then when they were writing King James they were in a race so a lot of things got added to it.
    Where is your reference for that they where in a race?
    Tyndale wrote over 84% of the NT and over 75% he could translate of the OT where in there. He would have probably translated it all but he was burned so years latter they finished his work for him.

    Basically my point is to have references to back up certain statements.

    Other than that it was pretty good! 👍


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