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Today I will be writing my last English 6th grade essay. I am supposed to write about writing. I will explain why it is good, If I like it or not, What you can learn from it, and what I have learned from it. Well I am super excited and I hope I can make this the best essay I have ever written.

Writing is good because It helps give you good writing skills. Writing skills are great to have if you want to write a book or letters and many other things. When you go to apply for a job you usually have to fill out a paper and you need to know how to write for that. Part of writing skills is good grammar and punctuation. Learning types of decimals was super easy for me and I hope it was the same for everyone else, It was also fun!

You can learn a bunch of thing from writing! Like you can learn how to write letters to people but you can also learn how to write them properly. When you write a lot it can improve your writing skills. Also what helps practice is writing in Cursive. Cursive however was hard for me but once I learned it I started liking it more! You can also learn from writing by taking time to see how many verbs or nouns you used. Grammar is basically using those things. When you write a lot then once you improve your skills you can write a book. And because you practiced then you will get good credit for your book.

Now for what I have learned from it. Well lets just say I was never good at writing and if you go to my very first post then you will see what I mean. But I have noticed a change by using RPC and I have gotten way better. I have been writing more letters and have been improving so much! I have also found some friends on Worpress who are great at writing and they are good examples of what practicing writing can do. So here are just three of the people but I assure you that I have a bunch that write well. But these are the ones with RPC.




Okay that is it for now but there are many more.

Now for if I like it or not. I love writing so yes! I am super excited to see what I will learn! I hope you enjoyed this essay! It will be my last for 6th grade English! Bye

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  1. 😖I use to think cursive was so hard and I couldn’t learn it, but now I just naturally write in cursive. Lol


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