My First Poem

Isn’t great!

oliver neudorf

I have always loved writing poetry and I think I will share some of my poems with you.

Please give any feed back you like. If you think that a few words don’t rhyme, or that I messed a few beats in the rhythm, please tell me in the comments.

Ok here is the first poem that made that was any good. I thought of it when I was walking a long a little creek that is near my house.

The land of Nigh

Down the river where the ducks flow by

Soon you will come to the land of Nigh

Follow the river right through the trees

Then you will come to the salty seas

Pass o’r the seas, just pass on by

Where the waves all crash and the gulls all cry

Then you will come to the land of Nigh

With an endless breeze and a starry…

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