So my assignment today was to write about a civilization I learned about this week. Since this is my first week of 7th grade I have to only write a one page essay.

     Greece is what I choose to write about since it was very interesting to me. Greece is the 80th biggest country in the world, It also has a very big population. But when Greece was first found not many people lived there. Greece had a very rocky coast and the land within wasn’t very ideal for planting crops and soil.

     At this time of Greece it was called the Dark ages. However at this time there were people. They were called the Mycenaens. The people are responsible for enriching the soil and making it to were crops could be grown.

     Now around 800 BC Greece had reached its high time. Its culture was retained and Greece was soon developed into cities and was finally having a high population. Soon after this two new people groups came and replaced the mycenaens. The Dorians and the Greeks. They helped Greece develop its government.

     Now I did forget to explain that Greece had many Islands that also had government. But between Greece and all it’s islands, they all had a simaler government. Two of the main cities in Greece were Athens and Sparta. However These two cities weren’t very fond of each other. Soon they began having a series of wars. They were called the Peleponnesian wars. But soon over time Greece became what it is today.

     I hope you guys enjoyed this essay! Please let me know of any mistakes I made! bye

11 thoughts on “Greece”

  1. Greece was an ancient country that was one of the most popular countries back in BC. There might have been dark times, but a lot of good things came out of it. Even with the fighting going on back then.

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    1. really?! why. and yep I just finished my first week of 7th grade! cant wait to start it up again tomorrow. No one post essays on the 7th grade furom for some reason. I have been waitng for one to pop up

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      1. It’s because it’s summer and most kids take at least one month off.
        I don’t know. Do you see my spammed comments?

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      2. If you press the my site button on the side then after it takes you to the main site area, you press the comments on the right side then press the “spam” button.

        Oh ok, makes sense.

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