RPC Grade 8 English Lesson 20

This is so sad! please pray for her Grandma!

The Sector

Tuesday July 20, 2021

How I Handled a Bad Day

Not too long ago, I had a bad day, although it didn’t start that way. In fact, it was a day in a certain weekend that my brother and I had eagerly awaited for weeks.

I had just got off work on the Friday of that weekend, and I strode quickly to my waiting car where not only my mother, brother and sister, Logan and April, where, but my friend was with them as well. I had been expecting Sidney because I knew she was going to stay the weekend to celebrate Logan’s 11th birthday, but I was still happy to see her as we chatted the whole way home.

The rest of the day was mainly spent getting Sidney settled in my bedroom, and we got a little time to chat before a family friend came over to…

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37 thoughts on “RPC Grade 8 English Lesson 20”

  1. Kate, um I’m guessing you have noticed the username johncova on RPC. I need to ask this, What the heck is wrong with him? He is not only weird, but very immature. I am very surprised he is still allowed on the forums.

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      1. Well, after what happened with cat girl, I didn’t want to report anybody, but I feel that something must be done. Maybe johncova can just be asked to remove his posts…


      2. Yes, but don’t remove him from the curriculum at least. After all, I think its his first week here so I hope they just warn him.

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      1. I’m glad, I don’t really like to comment on the forums so I wasn’t sure whether I should or not, since I have never talked on there..

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