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Animated Truth

Melanoma GertieMelanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, kills about one person per hour in the U.S. In young adults, ages 25-29, melanoma is the #1 cause of death by any form of cancer.[1] It appears harmless as a mole, but in the epidermis layer the tumor may punch through and infect theentire body with rapid-growing cancer cells.

Few people would refuse treatment for a confirmed melanoma. Death or scars? No doubt, we are a society obsessed with our own image in the mirror. But, oddly enough, those who give more credence to inner beauty may still care too much for others opinions. We need an honest assessment of true heart issues. Many of us hide our spiritual melanomas for fear of losing the respect of our peers.

Spiritual melanomas–destructive sin habits–grow more toxic with each passing day. If our habitual sins, and their underlying roots are continually stuffed down and hidden…

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hey guys! I know I haven't posted in a while but July was a super busy month for me😅 I hope that I haven't missed out on too much! Well I just wanted to say hi and catch up on everything that has been happening! Lets go talk in the comments!.😁 bye