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hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while but July was a super busy month for me๐Ÿ˜… I hope that I haven’t missed out on too much! Well I just wanted to say hi and catch up on everything that has been happening! Lets go talk in the comments!.๐Ÿ˜ bye

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      1. I am thinking about making my site private but last time I did it and someone requested to be on there, I couldn’t figure out how to let them be on there! I got an email about it on my ipod but there was no accept button. and I didnt get any notafication on wordpress

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      2. Hmm, that’s strange! I was going to make my site private but then I found the next best thing! If you go to settings there is some kind of setting that says “keep search engines from indexing this site” which means that people have to go through a link to find your blog, or they have to type the complete address to get to it, like, the “.Wordpress.com” part. That is enough for me right now. I may switch to a private one someday though.

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      1. Oh coool! We have planted dill, beans, kale, and some flowers! My mom says we are going to have a huge garden! and we have already started to make it at our land. Do you have any pets or animals?

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      2. that sounds cool! If you could have any type of pet in the world what would it be? Mine would be a Raven! (fact) Ravens are the most intelligent and smart birds on the planet. People just make them into demonic bad things

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  1. Ravens are cool. I would like a Harpy Eagle. but i also wouldn’t, because they are wild and are kinda endangered. They are so cool though. Their talons are so strong they could break a coconut, and they are as long as a bears claws

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  2. Nice! When we go to florida we are going to air bnb around the state to look for the places we like best, then we (if we can) will come back to canada for its summer. it is too hot in florida in the summer.


  3. We have an old king James bible. I think it is the best kind because words don’t get lost in translation due to not being used anymore. You?

    I still think that most bibles are the same though. They differ a little but not much. The fundamentals are still there.


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