7th grade English essay-lesson 15

Assignment: write a two page creative essay on the following topic.

Topic: Imagine that you have been ushered into someone else’s world. Describe what you see and what this world looks like. You can choose a location on earth or make a whole new world altogether.

So there I was out on my Horse riding to the creek. I had always enjoyed dipping my feet in the warm water. Once we got there I slipped of my horse and went down into the creek. I had been to all areas of the creek so many times before but this time it looked different. I didn’t quite know how it looked different but somehow I knew something was wrong. I walked down the creek and the water suddenly got fast! It was as if it was grabbing my feet and pulling me. I was pulled into a swirling pool of water!

I felt like I was going down and then up! It was pulling my body in all directions. I saw flashes of blue,black, and purple! I didn’t know what was happening. Then suddenly I was standing up in what seemed like grass. But from all that swirling about I had to sit down. Then these little creatures came from out of the grass, they were blue with shiny fur and were about one foot tall. They looked cute but I still wasn’t what to do. One of them walked over to me and he looked scared but also curious. He then touched my foot to see what I would do. I didn’t do anything but I wanted to touch him!

Once I did they all came over to me curios about what I was doing. They these huge creatures came flying out of the sky and all the little creature grabbed me! They took me to a pond and threw me in! As if! once they threw me in I thought that meant they didn’t like me! I held my breath for as long as I could but I wasn’t very good at it. I took a big gulp but I didn’t suck in water, I sucked in air. It was so weird because I saw water around me but I could breath. Water that I could breath in? how is that possible? Then out of the blue these weird looking sea creatures came. They looked like mermaids, Yes that is it! They were mermaids and they brought me to a really cool place filled with diamonds and pretty seashells. I staid there for a while but then I had to leave.

When I came out everything looked different, there were birds in the trees and wildlife every were. Just like back home. Then the little blue creatures cam out again and they took me to a tree full of fruit the was blue and yellow and had bumps. They cracked it open and there was honey inside, of course by now I was starving so a ate it and it was the best thing I have every tasted. Then they showed my the whole forest. I got to see foxes and peacocks and all sorts of majestical things. Then they took me back to a creek and a voice came from it calling me I was sucked in and all the sudden I was back home in my bed. My mom was waking me up saying that I needed to get up and do the chores.

I thought it was a dream so I went about my day. Or wait! was it? or had I actually found this mystical world. I never found out but I also never forgot it.

Well I hope you enjoyed it! It took a bunch of time and imagination but it was worth it! bye

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