The Small Joys Tag

Hey guys! welcome back,Today I am going to do the small joys tag. Thank you to Corrie.S.P.

for nominating me! Now here are the rules:

  • thank the person that nominated you
  • List fifteen of your small joys
  • Nominate at least 5 bloggers

My Small art Joys:

  1. It is calming
  2. I like getting to color it after I am done
  3. I love drawing things for people
  4. Getting new art supplies! It always makes me happy to look at all of the art supplies at the store.
  5. Getting to look at my past art in my sketchbook
  6. Learning new things about it
  7. I love being able to do it and enjoy it!
  8. I like seeing the expression on peoples faces when I make them something
  9. I like finding new ways to draw
  10. I love finding people who enjoy drawing too
  11. I love the fact that no matter what a drawing or painting looks like, it can still be art
  12. Making remakes of my art to see how much better I have gotten
  13. Being able to draw cute emoji images in my letters I write to friends
  14. Giving tips to other people about art
  15. teaching my siblings about it

Well I hope you enjoyed. Here are my nominees.




Sophie G


To my nominees: you make up your own 15 small joys incase you dont know. bye!

17 thoughts on “The Small Joys Tag”

  1. Hello sawyer! I just wanted to tell you that I am deleting my blog! I have been thinking and praying about it recently and then somebody copied one of my photos and that was the last straw.. I am moving to the forums and I hope we can talk there!
    -Elicia ❤

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    1. OH no! I will miss your posts so much! Are you sure you cant just make it private? Well I will definetaly talk to you on the furoms! Can we send emails to each other? Not text but email. Well I will talk soon bye

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