It’s back!

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yep my art contests are back!! sorry for the long break😅First off here is the rules:

  • No taking pictures off the internet or taking from other peoples blog.
  • No talking bad or gossiping about other peoples pics.
  • You may look at pics online for inspiration but dont just try and copy the whole thing.
  • You need a code name.
  • if you are caught breaking any of these rules then you will be eliminated.

Ok so now for the theme!………………… Imagination theme! What you need to to is taking any type of food and make it into a person! It should be really fun and I need to have your picture by September 14th Tuesday. Oh and also you can only give me one pic of you art. let me know if you enter. Btw here are some examples down below

this is cheese
this is a blueberry
this is pina colada. so yes you can do drinks too
and lemonade

So taking fruit,food,drinks ect and making them into humans like the examples. These are not my drawings

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