The Freeze of 2021

My assignment was to write about a storm or natural disaster I have been through and what type of disaster it was.

Well it started in February, We had a snow storm and it was super fun! We made bunches of snowmen and snow balls. But it ended to soon. Eventually it all melted but we enjoyed our fun. Soon another snow storm but this time it was much different. It was freezing when the snow came down. It was two degrees and the snow wouldn”t even stick together. Now being in a RV is way harder then being in a house. Tje power had gone out and we couldn’t get water.

So my dad had to hook up his truck to the RV to give it power and we had to drive to get water on the slippery roads. It was pretty hard and lots of people had the same thing happen. But God kept us safe and soon when it warmed up a bunch of people were having there houses repaired from all the fallen trees. The end

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