My most Recent Photos

Hey guys I know that I haven’t been posting much but I thought it might be nice to show some photos of our beautiful land to you. I hope you enjoy, I am not the best photographer.

Well I hope you enjoyed!


15 thoughts on “My most Recent Photos”

  1. Want to know something funny? I have a goat named Lupe!!!!!!!!!!! We have 11 full grown goats and 5 half grown. We also have 5 baby goats, newborns. I have lots of experience with them, (we have had them for a while) so if you ever have questions feel free to ask me. I don’t know everything but I would love to help if I could!

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    1. Absalutaly!! and that is so cool! One question would be what is a list of stuff we might need for birthing. We know the basics but what stuff for the mom emergencies and stuff?


      1. Are they pregnant?! THAT’S EXCITING! Defiantly you need to have colostrum. That is the special milk that the babies need in case the mama does not have some. Sometimes the mama will not produce it so u need to have it on hand, to feed the baby. If the baby does not get that within a hour it will have a really hard time making it. And Hopefully this does not happen but if the mama does not make it you will have to feed them the colostrum as soon as possible within the hour and then every 3 hours for the first 2 days. And some milk-replacer. Here is a article on the birthing: the only thing I say different about this article is that you might not want to vaccinate. We don’t. What de-womer do you guys use?


      1. Hmmm.
        I have many bunnies outside and two inside.
        We have like 70 chickens.
        And like 15 guineas.
        3 dogs.
        2 budgies.
        Tons of gerbils.
        And 1 hamster.
        We also plan on getting cracker sheep and alpacas to protect them.
        We might also get a horse one day.

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