So I have got some questions today, I hope they wont be to hard but since I am still figuring out wordpress I though maybe you guys could help me out. So instead of going through a whole paragraph of explaining😁 I will get strait to the point. But first take a look at these… Continue reading Help?

Donkey,Ant,Whale, Raven, and Lion Colab With Corrie S.P

Hey guys! (*dryly laughing at the fact that I haven't gotten a nickname for you guys yet*)😐 Butttt anyway I am glad to be back! As you can see I have changed my blog theme and I plan to be more active! So this Collab will be animals of the Bible, most people don't realize… Continue reading Donkey,Ant,Whale, Raven, and Lion Colab With Corrie S.P

Weird animals voting!

So here is how it works! These are image campares that the artists use the pic on left to draw the pic on the right so you vote for whos Drawing you like better La cabra's Spicy pepper Creative skate PotatoI cant get the poll to work so please vote in the comments! thank you!