New Year, New Adventure, New Life

I know this post is a little delayed and I apologize but I haven’t had time to make it. I know that this post will be a little long and intimidating but if you would please take the time to read it I would be more than happy. I am going to put a lot into this post and hope you guys will be able to understand.

2020 Going into 2021 was probably the busiest time of my life, some things I understood and others I didn’t. I was 10 when it all started. We were in a fairly big house. We being my 3 brothers, My mom and dad ,and of course me. Altogether made six. We had been trying to sell the house for a while. We even had renovated the whole place, the floors, the color of the walls, even the cabinets. The whole thing was planned out. We would sell the house move to an RV park in our RV, Look for land in Texas buy it, and then start our new life. Well turns out God wasn’t about to make it that easy because he had something bigger planned.

Once the house was sold all the stress of moving stuff out and into storage was hard but we got through it together. I had had watched plenty of movies were people moved from there old neighbor hood and were sad. But I always thought to myself that would never happen to me. I didn’t have as many friends as you would expect nor were they the best. But the were my friends enough to make my stomach drop knowing I might never see them again. I had told my goodbyes and left my old neighborhood for good. We had driven through that neighborhood back and forth my whole life so much that I thought I practically had it memorized. But that day I looked at it real good and hard and it was as if I never had seen it before.

Excitement and sadness don’t go well together, I was excited to move somewhere I had never been before but sad to leave my home. The next day after moving to the RV park my dad went to work. He is a paramedic. Now imagine for just one second to yourself: you and you whole family go from being in a nice big home with your own rooms and your own toys, to having to live in a tight RV and you are a family of six. The kitchen was small and all my brothers sleep in the same room with bunk beds. It was super stressful and hard. We moved to the RV park in October 2019. Before I knew it 2020 was here, We started looking for land right away. But one after another each looking so nice but never the right one for us. Soon in April I was 11 still no land. Also in case you guys are wondering the RV park is in Louisiana and we looked for land in Texas.

Then Covid hit! I am not going that far into detail but it sure kept us from doing much. And I am not going to share much of my opinions on it but If you are my worpress friends reading this then you know were I stand about it all. Before we knew it 2020 was almost over and still no land. Close to the end of 2020 we found some land in a small well forested town in Texas. It had a creek and came with half of a pond. After A while my parents decided to buy it. It wasn’t like you might picture in your mind. It was heavily dense in tall grass and it had small trees everywhere. It was discouraging but I knew we could get through it. Well first things first! Clearing the land. My Parent bought a tractor for the first time with a mower. and every day my dad was off work we would drive to the land from the RV park and watch my dad mow for hours. It was tiring but once he gat all the grass he could it started to look a little clearer. but still had little trees everywhere. it wasn’t small land either, It was 33 acres in fact. So there was still a bunch we couldn’t see.

Finally my dad rented a bulldozer and that definitely got the land cleared.But going back and forth everyday was hard and I hated it. But after a while we were half way through the year. I was was the type of girl that knew about the dangers and many fears of the world but never experienced them. But this land changed that. we had hogs like crazy everywhere and all sorts of animals I had only seen on TV but granted the most scariest one was the Coyotes. i had watched so many movies about wolves or coyotes eating people. Someone even claimed to have seen a wolf close to are land one time. But what made it worse was at 6;00 every night a coyote pack would howl at the creek. And the creek is not far away. It was bone chilling the first time I heard it. I went from living in a simple fearless life to now being in the wild! Oh and yes now I had plenty of fears of my own now. But Life went on whether I cared or not and day after day things about the land changed. we built a huge garden and bought shipping container to stick our things in.

Soon we found someone to build our house and a couple days after our concrete was poured we moved out to our land in our RV. We had been living at the RV park for two whole years now and once again we had to leave our friends. I was sad and upset but I knew it was for the better. Before I knew it the animals came pouring in, soon i was up early every morning taking care of them. If you missed my post on the animals we have then click on this link to see it

Here is me at the creek

Living at the land has made me stronger and tougher and has helped me face my fears. And There are no words for the beautiful night sky we see. Our house is still being built and will hopefully be done in the beginning of March. Happy 2022 everyone God Bless you!


16 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventure, New Life”

  1. I know exactly how you feel, we have just gone through the same thing. But there aren’t any scary animals for me. There is a lot of deer though. You describe the feeling of leaving where you live very accurately. And the process of clearing land is also true for us, though you have it much harder than us, because ours was already cleared.
    Great post!!

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    1. Thank you very much! We have tons of deer too, and they come on our land every night. I know how hard it is tending to your land so I hope God compforts you the whole way!


  2. I relate to this… a lot. I have 7 siblings, we used to live in a big house, but then we moved to a 47-acre woodland property. We were stuck in a two-room cabin for like 3 years, all seven of us! The only time I didn`t see my siblings was if I was in the bathroom or outside. There was also grass and weeds and small trees everywhere. We still don`t have all the small trees gone! We have a very large mobile home on the property now. I live in a room with my younger sister. And the sudden farm animals! Very relatable.
    That creek is really cool! I want a creek. ):<
    I do live fairly close to a river! You still have to drive there though.
    I hear coyotes as well, though not all the time.
    Sometimes my Dad will have to scare them away from the chickens.
    I don`t have hogs though, and I`m glad I don`t!
    My Mom tells me hogs are big, mean, scary, and aggressive. She also tells me that they love bananas and that if you give them a banana they will never leave you alone and you will be too scared to not give them all your bananas.

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      1. I agree it is the same with me!! Our heeler has puppies who run around under my feet and they love giving kisses. My cat is always the sweetest and she loves cimbing trees with me. We have wild bunnies but none that we own.


  3. Wow, what a change! Not only did you see the change in 2020 but also had to find a home during that time!


  4. That must’ve been…

    I live in the city, but I’d like livin’ in the country. I also don’t really live in a TOWN I live in a CITY. I have a general idea of how much land that it, ’cause my grandparents have a 10 acre plot of land, mostly grass and un-dense pine forests.

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