Art contest


So I have been posting art contest voteings that my friends and I have done on a website but I realized it doesn’t seem to fair so I would like to give you guys a chance to enter. this weeks contest is draw and outfit. Ok that seems easy right? well there was an advantage for the winner and she used it and and now you can only use 3 colors to color you drawing. You don’t have to make a body or hair but you can use a model.


  • You must draw what the theme is
  • You must use your own art not art online, however you can use art online as a reference.
  • You must give me your pic by the deadline or I will not enter it.
  • Any criticism or making fun of someone else’s drawing you will be disqualified.
  • If there is I tie I will find someone or I will break it.
  • No tracing or cheating
  • You can only vote for one person and it can not be yourself
  • Nothing immature or inappropriate, if i deem something inappropriate I will disqualify it.
  • If you break or do not follow any of these rules you will be disqualified.
  • And lastly have fun! Enjoy making your drawing and if not then don’t enter.

Ok to go over it again

  1. Theme: draw and outfit, you may use a model but you don’t have too
  2. You can only use 3 colors to color your drawing, lead pencil does not count
  3. Deadline: Sunday at 2:00

Ok have fun!

120 thoughts on “Art contest”

      1. I think frisa must confront scythina and they talk about what happened between them. Scythina zaps frisa after getting upset and it knocks her out. While Gli tries to trick scythina into thinking that she has something more powerful than her soul and then says to let them go if she wants to know. Then scythina says no bc she is sus. then suddenly a war starts a some of the sword soldeirs lost their dark scales and turned into different types of dragons but some stayed bad and they fuoght each other. scythina injures gli and she falls down, aand sees motiay her brother speaking to her saying get up gli get up, suddenly she got up! her wing heeled, she was brighter in colors more than ever! Suddenly she says; i am gli a wetleaf dragon and you may not have my soul nore my home! and you can pick up with watever you want

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      1. My favorite part of the book is chapter 7, when Jim has to say goodbye to his mother, gets extremely critical of his replacement at the inn, and then goes on to forget all of those things when he gets to Bristol and experiences things he’d never dreamed of. I love this section of the story because it’s one of the few periods in this novel that show the simplicity of innocence, and that’s what Jim really was…… an innocent.


      2. Yes I do, but I mainly write stories. I started on a story and i got 45 pages so far.


      3. non of my friends are online schooling so i dont see them…i have not seen them for 2 years!


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