So I have got some questions today, I hope they wont be to hard but since I am still figuring out wordpress I though maybe you guys could help me out. So instead of going through a whole paragraph of explaining😁 I will get strait to the point. But first take a look at these pics to understand.

So I was wondering how you guys made these? Also how you got them to look like circles, but more importantly how you make them? By the way I hope you guys are ok with me using your images. If you could help me I would be more then thankful! bye!


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  1. I used Canva, this designing app and if you search for a circle or any kind of shape you like in the ‘elements’ section, then you can create a circle blog button 😊 (Im sorry, this is a confusing tutorial, go on Living the Blogging Life, they have a lot of tutorials on lots of things, including using Canva :D)

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  2. There is also a program called “Paint”. It’s also called “Paint Drawing”. That’s what My sister used for her first blog EliCreates; if you have the program called Word Pad (not Microsoft Word, Word Pad is a simpler version) you might be able to find it in there, on the taskbar above the page. The logo looks something like this:🎨🧹 here is a link to a picture of what the inside of “Paint” looks like.


      1. Sorry it took me so long to notice that you answered. Yes it is digital art but but you don’t need anything special to use it. all you need is a mouse.
        WordPad isn’t online… so I wouldn’t know how to get a link. I think you would have to download it onto your computer. Here is a link to a website where you can download Paint; but I don’t know if it will work if you don’t have a windows computer.


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