Farm Knowledge: the benefit of having Guineas

To those of you who know guineas then great! But to those who don't, I recommend searching them up to know what I am talking about Today's post I will be talking about the benefit of having these birds and why being noisy may come in handy😉 At our old house when I was little… Continue reading Farm Knowledge: the benefit of having Guineas

My Spring Poems

So as you know spring is around the corner and I am super excited for it, so I wanted to share some of my spring poems with you! 1st: The trees leaves blowing in the breeze, like their branches rubbing against your knees. as it becomes the time that the sun rises, The animals have… Continue reading My Spring Poems

What Is Your Cat’s Personality Type?

Tell me which you think your is

The Grazing Daisy

Cat personality types have been categorized into three different colors: green cats, orange cats, and purple cats. They were created so that cats in animal shelters had a better chance of staying with the person who adopted them. Knowing your cat’s personality type can help you find enrichment ideas that they will enjoy such as walking on a leash, rolling around in a stroller, or lounging about in a catio.

Green cats:

Green cats are adventurous, and interested in what’s going on around them. They like to greet new people, and aren’t easily scared. They will try to bolt out an open door or window whenever they have the chance. They are also very interested in sitting by the window, watching birds, and will stay there watching for hours.

Orange cats:

An orange cat is interested in what’s going on, but they’ll observe from a distance before they decide to…

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What Is The Difference Between A Llama And An Alpaca?

This is very imformal and helps a bunch

The Grazing Daisy

Despite the fact that these two animals look distinctly different many people get them confused. They both have long necks, wooly bodies, and the ability to spit when threatened. They also are both a member of the camelid family.

What is different?

First of all I want you to look at these two pictures:

Image from

The one on the left is an alpaca, the one on the right is a llama

Can you see the differences? Llamas have longer ears, longer noses, and taller necks. Alpacas are much smaller than llamas and have denser fur. Llamas can be aggressive animals, and alpacas tend to be shy.

Can you tell if the following pictures are alpacas or llamas? Find out by highlighting the blank space under each picture.

Image from

The above picture is of an alpaca

Image from

The above image is of an alpaca


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