Robinson Crusoe timeline | Timetoast timelines

My assignment was to write about two tools I would bring with me to help me if I were to be shipwrecked like Robinson Crusoe. This took a lot of debating, and thinking about what might be useful and what not. So I came up with one: The swiss army knife, this nifty gadget would help out a lot!

As you can tell by the image above, That tool would be very helpful in many ways. The second one was harder because I have to be resourceful. But I think I came up with a pretty good one😋. The Bible. I would bring a Bible to read and be able to learn about God’s word. Also I would be able to use the Sword of the Spirit! Haha nothing can touch me lol😂. Well I know this post was short but I promise bigger ones soon, you guys just gotta keep bugging me about it.😅 But not tooo much😏. Bye

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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