How to:

Make you own business card. So I am going to make sure to live up to my name (Crafty) Art Girl and show you how to make your very own Business card. You don’t have to have a Job or business you can do this just for fun. So here are the steps that are super simple and you can use Household objects.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue or regular glue
  • Jewelry like rings or any other circle
  • Pencil
  • marker (Fine tip) and bold. Specifically sharpies
  • Fabric of any pattern
  • Some paint sample cards, white or any light color will do:
They are free at Lowe’s, Home depot, or any other local paint store

I am pretty sure I am forgetting some stuff but I will let you know along the way. These are the important stuff. The paper flowers are optional. Okay so first:

Cut off the words from the paper so no one sees them. On top and bottom.

After cutting the top and bottom, you can cut it into to any shape you like.

Cut off 2 little triangles of you cloth and put them on the card

Use the glue on it and rub the glue all around the peice of fabric.

Put it wherever you like on the card

Cut off any piece of cloth hanging off the sides

then write you business name or name in the middle.

Then write with black marker over the pencil

Then place a ring over it with most of it off the card and draw inside

repeat this over again and then write were they can find you which would be your website, then add whatever other designs you want an voila! I know it is a little messy but I went to fast, remember to take your time and it will look better! If you do make one please let me see! I am so nosy lol😉

Well see you later! Bye

-Sawyer The Crafty Art Girl

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