March Open Contest: Winner’s!!!✨

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Hello!! I am so excited, yup that’s right! Winners. But before I say the winners I would like to state the prizes mwahahah! 😝

1st Place Prize: you get to pick a theme for the weekly contest, you get a certificate, and you get the advantage of being able to vote 2 times next time. But the best advantage to this is that you don’t have to use you extra vote right away, you can keep it and use it any time you like. But it is only one and because I am such I nice person😇😉 I will tell you that: I will be giving them out again.

2nd Place Prize: You get a certificate, and you get the advantage of getting stealing 1 vote from the winner if you win next time, the disadvantage to this is that if you lose you have to give the winner your vote for next time. That is your first choice of advantage, your 2nd choice is you get to pick one thing that people use to draw and say you cant use it. (This Does not apply to you). It can be one type of color marker (for example) or paper. As long as it is not too hard. And out of these 2 choices you only get to pick one.

3rd place, and 4th place get certificates.

Alright I will show the winners now!

1st Place With 9 Votes is: La Cabra

Her blog: Miraculus Homeschool

Congratulations La Cabra! You won 1st place.

2nd Place With 7 votes is: Antigua

Her Blog: Common guys! it is mine lol

Ok I was so happy to be second but watch out La Cabra!😆

3rd Place With 4 Votes is: Bagel Fox

I hope you like the certificate!

4th Place With 1 Vote is: Spicy Pepper

Ok guys I really hope you enjoyed! Until next time! Congrats to everyone!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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