Open Contest 2: Theme Voting

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Okay, I have to say I was not expecting so many new people to suddenly want to enter! That is why my friend and I debated whether or not to make 2 contests every month! So Congrats you are reading the 2nd contest theme voting of this month!!! yippy

To explain: I will have a series of posts before we finally announce the winner, I will explain these posts so new people will understand.

1st will be and entry and theme voting post! I will explain the new contest in this post and we will vote on a theme for the contest. For example I will gather 1 theme suggestion from everyone and the Previous Winner and I will vote on them. Whichever one get the most votes is the theme we will do.

2nd I will announce the winning theme, the time I need your drawings, and the rules.

3rd will be voting on everyone’s drawings

4th will be announcing the winners!

That is the whole series of posts and this one is were everyone who wants to enter will let me know and give me theme ideas! I will post The theme voting today as well so hurry up and hit me with your best ideas!

16 thoughts on “Open Contest 2: Theme Voting”

  1. Okay sounds good. So when is the contest going to end and start and what do you think is a good time after the vote on the theme I should start to draw it?


  2. We could draw someone else`s fear as a monster.
    Like you would go to your friend and ask, “What are you afraid of?” and then draw it as a monster with the goal of making it trigger their phobia.
    If they`re afraid of spiders draw a spider monster that makes them scared.

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