Open Contest 2: Winners!!🎉

Splish Splash - Water drop photography - Shooting on a ...

Yes the grand Finale! Aha the moment we have all been waiting for! So now that everyone has voted I am announcing the winners and their prizes. I will have certificates made for everyone who entered a drawing, no one entered anything else but a drawing category so I will only have the drawing winners. But to stall no more!!!!

1st place with 4 votes: Arctic Lily!

1st prize: You get to pick the next theme

2nd prize: You get to pick 1 catagory that everyone has to use, except what ever you pick you do not have to use

3rd prize: is your certificate.

She has no blog

Ok so I will now announce 2nd place!!

2nd Place with 2 votes: Cosmo Cherry!

1st Prize: you get and extra vote that you can use anytime.

2nd Prize: you get a certificate

So just about everyone was tied for 3rd place!

3rd Place with 1 vote: Lia,

Spicy pepper, Eagle Ram, and Uno Karma.

Here are your certificates!

Those were all the winners! Once Arctic lily chooses a theme I will post it but for now enjoy!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

15 thoughts on “Open Contest 2: Winners!!🎉”

  1. no offense to any one just saying it would have been cool on paper too. I stile like your pic on paper or not because you created it😁


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