The Panda Cat

Ever since I was a kid I have wanted an animal of my own. Every one does though. This is the story of how I met my perfect match.

The Introduction

As many of you don’t know we raise and sell dachshund puppies. It is like a kennel club. It started 2 yrs ago and I have always enjoyed it. I get to name them and practically raise them, I love seeing them go to happy homes and knowing how much fun they will have. I know you guys may think it is weird for me to be happy to see them go but I am not fully happy. I love them too but I know they will have happy lives.

Paragraph 1

Well on one of the dachshunds (Poppy) was on her 3rd litter and I was so happy! She had 3 and the genders were 2 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys who was the biggest I named George, he was very mellow and super sweet but playful too. I loved him the best. One of my bests friend Miss Amy was a vet assistant and wanted one so she bought one of the boys. The other two, George and the girl were left to be sold. A mother and daughter wanted one of each so the mom got George and the daughter got the female. The mom and daughter lived together therefore the siblings would be able to be together! I was so happy because I thought that would be the perfect home.

Paragragh 2

The next day my mom was informed by them that George had died. I was so upset but the thing was the lady had no clue how he died and neither did my mom. So they took him to the vet for an autopsy. We later learned he died from a cat. What happened is he had went down to the laundry room were they kept their cat and apparently the cat hissed at him and he rolled over to play and she bit him on the belly. The puncture did not bleed on the outside but one the inside. he died from enteral bleeding.

Paragraph 3

I was deeply angry and so upset. And that was the day I decided to officially hate cats. I was so mad that I wanted nothing to do with them and I guess you can figure out how I felt once mom told me we were getting one. I wanted to not get attached. In fact I did not know why we were even getting one. Mom said it was for keeping the mice away. At least that is how she convinced my dad to let us get one. That day we got her I did not care at all. we locked her in a cage in the well house. And what do you know, I had to feed and water her. I knew I would get attached some how.

Paragraph 4

So I decided to just do it fast and nothing would happen. One day when she was lose and it was my job to watch her, just to make sure our dogs wouldn’t hurt her and get used to her. Well one started barking at her so sh ran and jumped in my lap. “Ugg please get down cat, He wont get you”. So she gut under were I was sitting. I had saw some fleas on her and stood inside a minute to ask mom for it. But alas it was to late. I heard fierce snarling and shrieking meows. I knew right that second what was happening, after we stopped the dogs mom picked up little panda and she was groaning. My heart stopped. Thought raised through my mind, what have I done! Is she okay! Poor little thing! Of course I got scolded badly. Mom took her up to the shower and rinsed the dirt off her fur.

Paragraph 5

I saw that she was limping bad the next day, I knew the dog had bit her leg bad. I felt so sad. even though feeling of George overwhelmed me I picked her up and held her close she looked at me an meowed ever so sweetly. I was in love and I knew it. No but it couldn’t be! She was a cat and I hated cats. Her leg limped for a Month and in that month we got better acquainted. She soon moved down to the shipping containers and lived inside. she wondered outside a bunch though. One day as I was getting feed out of the barrel she jumped down from her bed and onto the barrel beside it. ” what are you doing silly panda” I said. She walked up to me and started meowing so I put my face down by hers and she started rubbing on me. I cant exactly explain how it felt but the best words are (Love). I felt loved and from that day i knew she was mine.

Paragraph 6

She always greets me in the morning and gives me lovins. she loves me and I love her.

I am not saying I am a cat freak and want billions more. But I am just saying she was a purrfect match😅 We climb trees together and she loves being around me when I do chores. and well how could I leave out pictures lol.

She is a sweetheart. I hope you enjoyed this story! By the way I named her panda because of the white spot on her chest.

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

8 thoughts on “The Panda Cat”

      1. Yeah, our Grandma’s Rottweiler killed one of our chickens four years ago now. 🙁
        He is not the most obedient dog. I don’t have this anger for them anymore because……. I don’t think it’s right to blame them all for what one has done. Also…. It’s a total waist of brain cells! I
        forgave it, it just made my 10-year-old mind sad…


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