Farm knowledge: How to know when You get Eggs

Chicken Eggs - Tilt Farms

Knowing when you get eggs is a big part of it and when you do get your first egg it is super exciting! I flipped out! In fact we just got our first egg yesterday. looking back I now notice some of the signs I missed, telling me when they were going to start. I wanted to share some of the signs and how long it takes!


depending on what type of chickens you have, the time they usually start laying is between 16-20 weeks old. Ours are 18 weeks old so it makes sense why they have started laying.

At the age of 17 weeks start checking your chickens and watching them. Watch to see if the roosters are interested, if the rooster is trying to breed then you know you are close. But if you do not have roosters here are some things you can do to see if they are ready.

You will notice a difference in size in the back. as you can see on the chart, the back ends of the chickens will be bigger. Another sign

Barred Rock

The combs of the hens will be darker red, and bigger. I have noticed this in our hens. One other thing you can do is gently press on your hens back, if their wings go out a bit and they squat that means they are ready to breed. Which means eggs. Here are some other comb comparisons for different chickens.

Buff Orpington

If you have a different type of chicken that you want a comb comparison on then let me know and I will show you.

How long after bred

After a chicken is bred or has an yolk, then the usual time before they lay is 10-14 days. After the first egg they will either lay 1 egg every day or every other day. Now if you have bunches of chickens than you should be getting a good amount of eggs every day.

every time an egg is layed the chicken laying it will make a certain sound that gets everyone making that sound.

Tips on keeping your hens safe and happy while laying eggs

When laying a hen wants to be left alone in peace and quite. They want to be in a safe place like nest boxes. If you want to know about nest boxes then read my post here:

Well I hope this helped! bye

-Sawyer the farm girl

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