My Spring Poems

So as you know spring is around the corner and I am super excited for it, so I wanted to share some of my spring poems with you!


The trees leaves blowing in the breeze,

like their branches rubbing against your knees.

as it becomes the time that the sun rises,

The animals have many surprises.

As the birds are warming their eggs,

The foxes and hounds are stretching their legs.

As the wind is twisting and turning,

The cows warm milk is churning.

That is the sound of spring,

and the flowers are doing many things.🌺


Spring has come around once again,

New beginnings with life start to begin.

Babies starting to drink their milk,

and the animals fur starts to feel like silk.

The flower buds are starting to burst,

And the birds are getting ready to work.

The honey bees are stretching their legs,

Ready to work and go ahead.

I like to think this is Gods way of showing,

his beautiful creations, and that he is all knowing.

Spring is to be joyful and merry,

and to pick spring time berries.

So have some fun soaking up the sun,

because I new year starts once again.


This spring started slow,

Not as many birds i know.

Not as many chirping or songs,

Not as many hogs.

Not as many flower buds bursting,

Not as many babies thirsty.

Not as many new beginnings,

Not as many cherished winnings.

But I know it may be late,

But spring will come without haste.

So don’t be dreary and don’t be worried,

Spring will be here in a hurry.

Well that is all and I hope you enjoyed!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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