Farm Knowledge: the benefit of having Guineas

To those of you who know guineas then great! But to those who don’t, I recommend searching them up to know what I am talking about

Today’s post I will be talking about the benefit of having these birds and why being noisy may come in handy😉

At our old house when I was little the farmer across from us owned a farm, he had guinea fowl that occasionally came over. I remember hating them.

1 they were noisy

and 2 I couldn’t get my hands on them lol

But about a month ago mom suggested the idea of getting them. I wondered what the point of having them was? They lay eggs but it is super small, so no benefit from that. They are noisy and they don’t really get attached to people. I really thought of them as a nu sense. But mom (Who is super good at researching) read an article about them. In this article said a couple things that helped me understand the use for these birds.

Guard dogs

guinea Fowl are particularly noisy when they feel threatened or see a predator. If you have a dog but it doesn’t bark when strangers come or you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting one. these birds will be noisy when cars pull up, when the see strangers, and any other time. So they are good at alerting you. (believe me)🤦🏻‍♀️

Good flock and protectors

Guinea fowl treat each other as family, they occasionally tend to get in fights (mostly males) But they always stay together. The dumb part about them is that when danger comes they never leave anyone behind, which ends up getting everyone killed. but mostly the fact of how they adapt so easily.

What to to when they become a problem

Some guineas can get stinking annoying, but the good thing about that is their meat. Guinea meat is considered a delicacy, Which means very special. So not to worry when they become a problem😉😉


Do not get these birds if you intend to have them as pets, guineas aren’t very good pets and if you do want them to be pets, then you will have to spend time with them 3 times a day. to at least get them to be nice to you.

also try not to underestimate these birds, they may seem like they can get knocked around pretty easy but those beaks aren’t there for nothing.

But to sum it all up, getting guineas would be a great benefit. I hope this post helped give a new point of view on guineas!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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