Open Contest 3: Voting

Forest Creek Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Hello fellow crafters! All of the entries look amazing I must say! Everyone put in a lot of work.😁 I am glad to have had so many entries and am proud to say this is the most entries I have ever had! Thank you to everyone! Without further ado! The entries:

Drawing Entries:

Squishy Fishy’s


La Cabra


water/fire butterfly

Photo entries:


That is all the entries, you most vote in both polls! I am sorry for the long delay. the poll ends this saturday.

Sawyer the Crafty Art girl

42 thoughts on “Open Contest 3: Voting”

      1. on Open Contest 3: Theme
        🐈Cαt Girl🐈 22Here is my picture! It’s a storm …

        Apr 7,

        Ok thx!

        I copied and pasted the whole conversation


    1. you know what………………………….

      its fine
      I know that well i a least think that you did not mean to do it.

      good bye


  1. I thought I voted on the first one but it’s not showing up… I voted on the second one. Should I vote again one the first one?


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