Farm knowledge: Key tips on raising Goats

Goats are interesting animals but taking care of them can get complicated, that is why I want to share some tips on how to keep your goats alive and healthy!

So Our goats are staying in a pen right now until we get a fence up so I have to give them hay every day.

Main Foods

Goats unlike sheep prefer eating weeds and vines. Even leaves off of trees. So When it come to being loose be sure to have plenty of grass with a few weeds. However you must always have hay on hand. i give our goats hay daily, it is what they live off, so be sure to have plenty.

Grain is usually only for pregnant goats, Wen a goat is pregnant the need the exctra protien and vitamins, but if you have goats that arent pregnant they usually wont be needing it. But if you feel like giving them some, each goat would only need a total of 2 cups. Goats can eat themselves so much that they get sick so not much food is needed. they will not to this with hay unless it is alfalfa. Alfala can only be used in treats.


As all of Gods Creatures on earth, we can not survive without water so make sure your goats have plenty.


If your goats run freely they usually wont be needed these except for treats but I like to give ours and extra boost. We give them minariels and vitamin treats apple flavored. So they love it.

Worming them atleast every month is very important, so make sure to stock up.

I am sorry this post was so short but I did not have much time. Be looking out for my new post about raising baby goats!

-Sawyer the crafty art Girl

4 thoughts on “Farm knowledge: Key tips on raising Goats”

  1. Hi Sawyer! We used to have a neighbor who let his goat eat all his weeds. Never seen such a happy goat. But I didn’t know that they went for tree leaves; do they usually eat them off the ground, or do they try to get up in the branches? (I heard some goats can get into low trees.)


    1. They like all tree sizes, For little ones they rip them out of the ground, For ones as tall as you and bigger, the Jump up on the tree to eat out of the branches.

      But most every goats favorite Trees are fruit trees so be sure to have any trees/fruit trees
      fenced off.
      Depending on how low the branches are, They may not be able to get to it.

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