Open Contest 3: Winners!🎉

Hello fellow crafters! As you know this month my contest has been drug out a bunch and stuff has be so busy! I just got my ears peirced for my bday and tomorrow i get to see my grandma! So I wanted to post before things got busy again! But first a tribute to

🐈Cαt Girl🐈 22

Since i have been so busy i forgot her picture and to make it up to her i am giving her a certificate for hard work and being such a good sport!

Now lets start with the drawing winners!

1st place with 6 Votes is: leaf whisker!

Prizes: You get to pick the theme and you get a certificate and you get to pick the theme, I will give certificates out later but I know you were all anxois too see who won.

-Sawyer the crafty Art Girl

10 thoughts on “Open Contest 3: Winners!🎉”

  1. Congratulations to Leafwhisker! (And Cat Girl too!)

    Oh, so cool that you got your ears pierced, Sawyer! Did it hurt a lot, or not really?
    I hope you have a fun visit with your grandma!


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