Open Contest 4: Theme

Feww, it has been I long wait I know but I am happy to say I am back on track! But I will let you know that i have a surprise for next month!!! lets get into it!


what you cant do:

Your drawing must be yours
you are not allowed to copy
You have to make something according to the theme
You are not allowed to make fun of or criticize any one else’s drawings
You can not enter drawing that have been entered before
You are not allowed to draw anything inappropriate or immature
When you vote you are only allowed to vote 1 time
you are not allowed to vote for yourself
No tracing with stencils or clear paper
You have to give me code-name before entering or making your art
Once you are it finished give it to me, the sooner the better
I do not require you tell me if you are entering or not but it would be nice to know
if you are not going to be able to enter or make it the tell me

what you can do

  • You can use references online for ideas to your creation
  • you can do digital art, marker art, pencil art, ect as long as it is yours
  • you can enter more than 1 drawing or entry
  • you can ask for help or ask questions! I would be more than happy to answer

If any of these rules be broken you will be eliminated.


  • Drawing
  • Digital Art
  • Painting
  • Craft
  • Poem
  • Sketches
  • Doodles

Ok now for the theme!

Draw a food person

basically mix a food and a person together. Like a person with clothes that looks like the food. Or food with human clothes lol

I need all you drawings by the 1Oth

-Sawyer the crafty art Girl

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