Open Contest 4: Voting

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Hello fellow crafters!! Today we will be voting on which entries we like best so lets get to it!

Drawing entries

Contestant 1: Antigua

her description:

I made a girl in a watermelon dress and she has watermelon vines going down her arms. If you look a little closer I did a red streak in her hair.

Contestant 2: Uno karma

His description:

I made a pickle man named Percy.

Contestant 3: Eagle Ram

Her description:

I made a donut named ditsy

Contestant 4: Spicy Pepper

Her description:

Cotton candy girl

Contestant 5: La Cabra

Her description:

l made a lasagna lady

Contestant 6: Questionable Cookie

she has not said what it is but I am guessing strawberries

That is all the drawings, please vote in the poll. You are not allowed to vote for yourself. I will end the poll in 2 days but if every contestant votes before then, then I will post it sooner. So if you are not a contestant. Please hurry to vote.

Thank all of you so much for entering! May the best drawing win😉

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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