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So today I wanted to open up a chapter in my journal to share with you guys

yes yes I know, but I wont get to private lol. just a couple pages I wrote yesterday. I will quote word for word.

May, 20th 2022

Well today started off pretty normal. I found the cure for my headaches. Yes water lol. But the most exciting thing happened. I saw Mr Harrigain (our neighbor who owns the other side of the pond).

I went down to the pond as usual when I saw his black jeep show up on the other side. He came out with and old lady and what looked to be her grandson.

I couldn’t resist the temptation in my throat to say *Hello👋🏻Mr Harrigain. So I did. The older lady and boy loved seeing our ducks in the pond. She even took pictures.

It gave me a sort of proudness knowing our ducks were appreciated. They left after a few minuets but their presence was greatly appreciated. Which now opens another mystery!

Who made the path by mystery pond! (what I call the pond lol)

I hope you enjoyed!

-Sawyer The Crafty Art girl

10 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Lol. My sister gets headaches too and my mom says she (my sister) needs to drink more water. It’s amazing that that’s usually the problem with headaches.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing a fun snippet from your journal, Sawyer!
    Though now I want to know who made the pathway….

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