A Blessing From God

If I was writing this post 5 days ago this would be called A Sad Event. But looking closer it is now a Blessing from God. This is a story that is currently happening to me and will explain why I have been absent. It is a Story of hope and Jesus.

Monday May, 30th 2022

I was putting everybody up. It was pip and

Jyn’s first day living outside. Here is a picture of them.

This is Jyn

and this is Pip. No not the cat. The dog…

They are sisters. We bought them together.

But anyway Jyn and Pip usually stay down by the pen to get locked up. Pip was there. But not Jyn….

So walked to see if she was up at the RV. And sure enough there she was! I picked her up but she was acting weird. I thought it may have just been depression.

Tuesday May, 30th 2022

I got up early that day. I fed the animals including Pip and Jyn. But unlike herself Jyn was in the dog barrel. She loves exploring and I was expecting her to race out into the open…but no. Once again I thought she was just sad being locked up at night. We had left on a long drive to Houston to get a wood stove and weren’t back until 6:00. I found time to make supper but it was getting late so I went out to put the animals up.

Once I got to put pip and Jyn up only pip was there. Uggg well of course she is up at the Rv! So I walked up to the Rv calling her…….BUT …..she..wasn’t there?! Well as lazy as I am I asked mom to look with me.

Faster than I knew it she was gone. No trace, no foot prints,…….And no Hope.

With all the poisonous snakes, hawks, and coyotes. The chance of her coming back was faint. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Dad said she will probably be back in the morning. But why take a chance in believing that when for the first time, I knew she wasn’t. We all went to bed that night disturbed. Wondering whatever happened to our little dog…….

Wednesday May 31 2022

I got up and a spark of happiness ran through me thinking. Could I open the door and her be sitting right there! Is it possible. With high hopes and did and…nothing….nowhere.

My heart broke walking down there that day. I picked up pip in my arms. I cried. I told her I was sorry she would never see her sister again. All the times she ever did anything wrong. All the times I ever got mad at her soon filled my mind. All I could think of is a poor sweet harmless puppy lost in the woods…..or…dead. I wiped away the tears but sadness still lingered. I finished the chores and walked back up. Mom opened the door and walked out. Well did you see her? I said no. We walked around and behind the Rv. But when walking back up to the Rv…..

….There she was!!!!! sitting waiting. I walked up to her and held her in my arms almost crying. But wait something was wrong. She never moved a muscle. never wagged her tail. Her body was stiff and she was very dehydrated. so we gave her water. She didn’t drink. this was bad. I brought her sister in and as they usually with greet each other with kisses Jyn didn’t. She laid on the floor not even moving. I could even tell if she was breathing. But she was, very slowly.

We finally came to the decision to take her to the vet! mom and I went. She seemed so dead in my arms but very much awake. once we got there it was such a long wait but we finally got in. The vet said that she was very dehydrated. He put a catheter in hr so when we got home we needed to start the IV.

We gave her 200 ccs of Saline and hoped for the best.

Thursday June 1rst 2022

She was able to move better but still didn’t drink or eat. We had been praying for her. We gave her more saline and I took her out side. Then I brought pip to her side. Suddenly her tail started wagging and they greeted each other as if it had been centuries. They licked each other and they wanted to play but I could not risk having pip accidentally chew and pull the catheter out. Seeing Jyn happy made me so glad.

I took her inside. She ate a tiny bite but was still doing okay.

Friday June 2nd 2022

I woke up. I opened the cage. And she jumped out licking me! she had eaten the whole bowl of food and was very happy. But the most exciting thing……..She drank!! So we took the catheter out! She has been doing awesome ever since!

I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Also I am sick so That is also why i have been absent. I hope you enjoyed!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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