Art Contest:6 The Grand Challenge 1

Hey Fellow Crafters! I think it is about time to spice up the contests! I know the same thing happens every time. Someone wins, picks a new theme and it happens again. So I thought maybe to have more fun we cold have a grand challenge! Yep that is what this is! I am going to have a series of 6 contests! each of them will be a different challenge and not will they all be drawing contests! Oh no in fact each will be a different category I pick!

So most may be wondering how this will work or what the prize is. Well let me explain😏

So contest 1 comes out! you guys sign up. and do whatever category by the time I deem. whoever wins the most challenges gets the biggest prize ever! I will not say yet but I promise it is good! Here are the rules:

Your entry must be yours
you are not allowed to copy
You have to make something according to the theme
You are not allowed to make fun of or criticize any one else’s entries
You can not enter something that has been entered before
You are not allowed to make anything inappropriate or immature
When you vote you are only allowed to vote 1 time
you are not allowed to vote for yourself
No tracing with stencils or clear paper
You have to give me code-name before entering or making your entry
Once you are it finished give it to me, the sooner the better
I do not require you tell me if you are entering or not but it would be nice to know
if you are not going to be able to enter or make it the tell me

How to win points!

  • 3 points for using less than 3 things to make your craft.
  • 1 if it has the sun on it
  • 2 if it is really detailed
  • and 4 if I love it

Challenge 1

Ok so I think first I will pick the theme which is what you guys have to use when making something in the category. So this new theme will be…….


I wanted to pick something simple that way you guys can work with it better. Now the category I will pick is something fun! Crafts! You can craft anything related to summer.

I want your drawings by the 25th of this month.

Oh and another thing! Once you sign up you must participate in every contest, If you miss even one or are eliminated. You can not enter in any more. To sign up basically tell me your name, codename, and your blog link. When your entry is done make a password protected post and send it to me.

Good luck! mwahaha

Sawyer- The craft art girl

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