Summer questions☀️🕶️⛱️

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hello everybody! Today I am here to, well just ask some questions.😉 I usually ask questions in blogger awards but I though this would be super fun.

So what is everyone most excited about this year!?

What do you plan on doing for summer break?

Are you excited for next month?

And also! Who wants to do a collab!? I haven’t done one in soooo long so I was wondering if you wanted to get together a discuss what we could do! Okay that’s all for now. Sorry for it being so short.😅

-Sawyer the Crafty Art girl

9 thoughts on “Summer questions☀️🕶️⛱️”

  1. Hi Sawyer! No worries for the post being a bit short (at least you posted something whilst I’m just staring at a blinking cursor on my screen o.o ) As for the summer break, I’m working on a top secret super awesome totally amazing project with my sister! next month, I’m hoping to be a lot more active on my blog and would love to do a collab maybe next month if the offer still stands!
    *disappears in a poof of purple pixie dust*


  2. I’m excited to harvest vegetables from my garden this summer!
    I plan to garden, Read and maybe up my house plant collection! Oh, and Bake!


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